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Autonomous Exercise TV

Ever want to design a community gym lot but found that Sims only used the TVs for watching and not for working out? Well no more! This special TV only allows sims to work out, and will have them do so autonomously. It uses the same advertising values as watching normal TV, so they will use it autonomously if there’s nothing more fun available on the lot.

Requires: The Sims 2 For Regular TV, Nightlife for Wall TV

Auto-Refilling Pet Dish

Many poor Sim-Cats spend much time waiting for slow and often stupid silly human-sim to refill pet dish, and this is simply unacceptable. This new pet dish will automatically refill self and charge silly human sims ten simoleans because cat food isn’t free. So now cats can enjoy delicious foods any time they want!

Requires: Pets

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Does your silly human Sims find it annoying to clean superior cat’s litter box? Well now they has to clean no more! This self cleaning litter box uses awe inspiring robotics technology to self clean litter box after each use, but charges one simolean for doing so because cat litter is not free.

Requires: Pets

Charging Buffet Table

Tired of throwing a party and having all those sims taking all that food you just paid for? Well, be tired no more! With this new buffet table, 20 simoleans are automatically added to the account of the sim who lives on the lot when anyone takes food from the table. Finally, you can make a return on your investment!

Requires: The Sims 2