Monthly Archives: December 2011

It’s December 29th, “Move Your Domain Day”

In case you’ve not been following the drama, GoDaddy came out and said they support SOPA, which is a very bad thing. Reddit responded by proposing a boycott of GoDaddy, which was successful, and a larger boycott day was arranged for today, December 29th. GoDaddy backpeddled and said they no longer support SOPA, but this is too little too late. This is especially true since it is just a calculated PR move, and they still support SOPA. So far, today’s boycott seems to be going well, and even NPR reported on it.

Why is SOPA so bad? CNET has a rather lengthy–and informative–article on the matter, which I recommend reading. As for me, my domains are hosted at GoDaddy, and today, I moved them over to Namecheap. At least, I’m in the process of moving them over. So the site may go down for a bit over the next few hours, but it’ll be back up soon, and then I can keep working on moving my sims stuff to here.

Hooray for boycotting!

Changes to My Sites Soon

So, as has been established already, I have lots of projects that I don’t do the best job of maintaining. (Pescado on MATY says this is because I’m a lazy crapsack. He is probably at least partially correct. 😛 ) For almost a decade now (Wow… That’s a scary thought.) I’ve made all manner of Sims-based custom content, hacks, and programs. I made a Sims-based webcomic. (And have aspirations of bringing it back, again!) I wrote a book. I also maintained a number of smaller project sites and have hosted several other Sims websites over the years. Some are still around, such as the Neighborhood 99 forum paks site. There are a few others last time I looked on my FTP server. I could probably safely delete a few, especially the ones that haven’t been updated since lapsed… I just don’t have the heart to.

On top of that, I have bits and pieces spread at other websites too. MATY hosts a neighborhood I made, for instance. I’m sure I’ve got crap other places too that I could find if I looked.

So, the point of this is that I’m tired of having so many projects in so many places that I fail to maintain anyhow. Having one place for everything (well, mostly everything) will be good. Thus, I’m going to start working on things here. I’ll probably start with the Sims 2 content because there’s so much of it, then move on to the Sims 3, and go back to the Sims 1. To the best of my ability, everything will be set to the date on which it was created. If I don’t have record of that, I’ll just go with the date the file was modified. Once everything is set, I’ll start redirecting to here.

Hopefully, after a time, I’ll go back to making custom content for the Sims 3. I miss having the time to do that, and while I’ve not got anymore time than before, it’ll be nice to create when I can. Stay tuned…